Divine Soul Magic

Akashic Record Readings, Clearings, Blueprints, Spirit Guide Profiles, Property Clearings, Negative Entity clearings and more. Discover who you are at Soul level, and develop your own compass to expand and shine. Soul Journeys and support to help you create a life you love. x

Working in the Akashic Records I can assist people anywhere in the world. I am coded to be a catalyst... to be a spark that ignites a brighter flame within you, helping you to flourish.

Hi there! My name is Xina, and I am so happy you made it here!

I'm passionate about always learning, and I love being able to integrate these discoveries and insights into the work I offer. I'm a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, certified Advanced Spirit Guide Energy Healer, and I have my Diploma in Forensic Healing. Combining decades of knowledge and experience, with many other modalities learned - and am continuing to learn - from a multitude of teachers and mentors over the years, I am able to bring you services that are truly unique!

Residing in the serenity of the stunning Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia, I love being able to work with people and properties all over the world, without any restrictions on location.

I would love to work with you to help create your own Divine Soul Magic. With a range of unique services to choose from, you can opt for smaller steps of guidance, growth and expansion or go all in from various angles: whatever feels right to you.

By pushing past our comfort zones, holding a light up to our own shadows and doing the 'inner work' is where we find the greatest gifts. My goal is to help you discover who you truly are at Soul Level and support you to be an even better version of yourself, manifest your dreams, and LOVE this life. Most of all I want you to SHINE the way you deserve to and were always meant to!

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Soul Journeying / Spiritual Awakening is not always easy. Sometimes it helps to see how someone else is navigating their way through, or just to see some different perspectives, thoughts and insights.

Why is intention SO important?

Whether it’s getting clear and setting intentions for the life you want to have, or setting intentions for the work you do with me, having clear, strong intentions is hugely important.

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Why we need to be CONNECTED whilst in isolation

Every one of us needs to be accountable. Accountable for our thoughts. Our actions. Our health. Our shadows. Our light. Everything. The second we try and blame anyone or anything for something we are giving away our power.

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Negative Energy and Entities - do they affect me?

We've all heard about 'good vibes', and probably heard about 'smudging' to get rid of the bad vibes - but should we be paying attention to these 'vibes'?

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Facing your Fears - WHY would anyone want to?

Why do we usually run and hide from scary things? Those moving shadows as a kid were ALWAYS a non-event in the light of day, right?

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Property Clearings - What’s really going on?

What IS an 'Energetic Property Clearing' - what does it do, what happens afterwards, and more importantly, why would anyone need one?

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Soul Realignment - Ummm, what exactly is that?

Do you just *know* there's something more to the life you're currently living? Or you're feeling an inner urge to find or do 'something more'?

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Holographic Soul Academy

Holographic Soul Academy

One of the very few people I've trained with who I wholeheartedly recommend. Paula's integrity has never faltered, and her passion for empowering people only continues to grow.

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