About this time last year we were overseas, and visited the Karlovac War Museum in Croatia. As happens to me sometimes in certain places, I was overcome with emotion. Could. Not. Stop. Crying. Eventually I had to sit outside, but it didn't help much. My heart was just physically HURTING. (I seriously considered the possibility that I was about to have a heart attack) There was SO much anger and hurt in this place. To be expected of course given what occurred there, but what really surprised me was that when I tuned in, much of it was more 'recent'. It wasn't from the war itself, it was from the people afterwards. They were keeping the war and the hatred alive in their hearts and minds.... this was beyond any 'lest we forget' type of thing. Condemning other people just because of where they were born / who their family was / what their beliefs are etc.

It took a bit of distance but once we had driven away, the aching in my heart finally dissipated but I was affected in a way that didn't entirely disappear. I will never forget the sheer force of the hatred I felt there, and the sadness I felt from that. (I absolutely, LOVED Croatia though by the way! Can't wait to go back. This is not about Croatia or it's people!)

The reason I'm writing about this now is that the anger and hatred in the world keeps escalating. People keep coming up with new labels to put on each other, and as soon as a person has a label, they are instantly separated (and open to persecution). Some people even choose some of these labels for themselves! I hear the words "we're all in this together" and yet, and yet.... everything that is happening is supportive of separating us, not bringing us together.

Social distancing means many are not even hugging each other. We NEED physical contact - it DOES stuff on a level we don't see. Masks stop us from seeing people SMILE. Do you know what a smile does to us when we see it? And now the suggestion of eye shields/goggles? Eyes are the windows to our souls and we're being encouraged to put up a barrier there, too? Can you even imagine what it's doing to us energetically to keep other people / souls at a distance all the time?

I'm bringing this up because humanity ABSOLUTELY NEEDS people to step away from fear, drama, blame and guilt right now. It NEEDS as many of us as possible to be a beacon of possibility, and of love. That doesn't happen if we are living in fear, if we are applying labels to people, if we are shaking our heads at others who have a different belief or opinion to us.

Now, I'm not saying "don't wear a mask" etc - I'm simply pointing out that because of these things, we need to work so much harder at being CONNECTED. We need to be more aware of the subtle affects of isolation and overcome them. Spend more time in nature if you're unable to connect with people! Connect with the Universe - no actual earth or forest or ocean required!!!

To be adding to the fear and loathing, you don't need to actually be out there talking to all and sundry about how you saw Laverne down the road wearing / not wearing a mask or how you think Ernest might be a conspiracy theorist because he asked about something vaguely outside what you personally understand or believe. Just thinking about these things and giving them your emotion and energy adds to the collective consciousness of it.

For what it's worth, I cannot see how any single person can possibly have the absolute truth and 100% knowledge and understanding of ANYTHING! So maybe we could all work on not judging others for their opinions, especially whilst we all have shadows and darkness ourselves to ignore or deal with as we see fit! (We all judge in one way or another - it's human nature. But we can choose to do this less and less with the understanding that generally, everyone does the best they can, with the knowledge they have, and this is each individual's choice and experience and has nothing to do with us!)

Remember simpler times when people could just hate someone else because of their nationality / religious beliefs / sexual preference? We have never had so much CHOICE as to what people can blame / shame / guilt / hate others for. Absolute smorgasboard!

The negative energies and entities around would be having a field day.... don't give them 'food'! Every single one of us needs to step up and be accountable. Accountable for our thoughts. Our actions. Our health. Our shadows. Our light. Everything. The second we try and blame anyone or anything for something we are giving away our power.

I feel it. Not like I did in the War Memorial, but I still feel it. That ache in my heart from all the anger and hatred. But there is also excitement in the air. That feeling of magic from the wonderful possibilities. The chance that more people are choosing love over fear hangs in the air like the first taste of spring. Even if we can't see it, we have to know it's there, seek it out and hold on to it, spend time fanning it's flames.

What will you choose? And here's the beautiful part - it's absolutely OK no matter what you choose! It's your journey to experience in whatever way you want! For me, I'm continuing to observe, to choose what makes my heart light and my soul giggle. I'm choosing to step around density where I can, and jump over the puddles of blame and hatred. Just cos it makes me feel better. I don't expect everyone to follow suit - and it would kinda be a bit boring if everyone did, really. But I am totally whispering in your ear right now... "Whatever makes your heart sing, choose THAT" xox

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