I’ll be honest. I LOVE my comfort zone. I’ve spent a really long time making it pretty and getting it *just right* and making it really …comfortable! 
I also love a challenge, and am known on occasion to be particularly determined / relentless / stubborn. I will argue with myself and whatever the original dominant theory I will BREAK ME DOWN until the 'other side' wins! So when it comes to doing something I reaaaalllllyy don’t want to do, these days I usually opt to go the stubborn route and just face my fear and push through it... as long as it's in alignment with my Inner Compass of course. (Aint no way I'm picking up a spider or jumping off a tall building just because they are fears of mine!)

Don’t get me wrong - there’s still going to be a lot of toe-dipping and head-shaking whilst I mentally prepare to dive into the icy cold water. But that’s OK, as long as I take a deep breath and remember that the butterflies in my stomach might not be anxiety-related, but could just be excitement!


As for WHY I would even want to face these monumental-tiny challenges? There is almost always something better on the other side! That could look like a new skill, new information, the feeling of satisfaction that I’ve done something I thought I NEVER would, feeling the exhilarating sensation of moving forward in the life I’m choosing to create, and of course - a big one for me - setting an example for my daughter.

The last several years for me have been filled to the brim with growth and expansion which has been scary at times, but mostly exhilarating. (You’ll hear that word a bit… its a great word!) I know that not everyone looks forward to or embraces change, but I also know that everyone greatly benefits from it. Do you know what it looks like otherwise? Being stagnant. Know what some other words for stagnant are? Sluggish. Dormant. Lifeless. Inactive. Stale. Suffocating. Monotonous. Putrid. That's not how I want my life to look!

Although that stubborn streak of mine can also be used to fold my arms, stand firmly planted in one spot, and growl “I don’t WANNA, for the most part I have found myself doing things - particularly in the the last five years - that I would never, ever have done ‘once upon a time’.

Here’s some of the things that have terrified me but I’ve done anyway….

I’ve spent the last couple of decades or so doing Tarot /Oracle Card readings, so I was a little bit OK with the idea of noticing the signs around me and the concept of Spirit Guides. I was also reasonably OK with following my gut instincts. But as I started to do more inner-work, those instincts got stronger and those Guides of mine got pushier! Next thing I knew, I had signed up to travel interstate to meet up with a bunch of people I didn't know from all over the world. That alone was terrifying! Really. I’m not much of a group/lots of people kinda gal. I'm barely a small-gathering kinda gal. But on top of that, I signed up to do a Spirit Guided hands-on healing course with them. It seemed the logical next-step for where I seemed to be heading. But then I had to come home and actually practice this stuff. Tell people about it. Even knowing I was a certified practitioner, I still needed to get really comfortable with it. By now I was realising that I needed to allow change to happen in a much bigger way than ever before, but I also knew that I needed to start taking more action when it felt the right time to do so. 

Before I knew it, I was opening a shop. I didn’t mean to. I mean, it wasn’t on my to-do list or anything. But around the corner from home a small shop lease became available and so I took the unexpected plunge. This was surely pretty high up on the ‘adulting’ scale, right? It was pretty terrifying, so I figured it had to be! Every week I had several people come in to my ‘alternative’ (the term most used!) shop asking if I did card readings. Of course, I did - but IN PERSON? Like, with a real life human whose face I could see in front of me? Errr, nope. Don’t WANNA. So I would politely refer them to my old website where I would be happy to do their reading via email. This kept happening, so those Guides of mine - did I mention they were pushy? - eventually sent me an obstacle that I could not get past. It was in the form of a sweet, but equally stubborn, 83 year old woman. We did the standard “Do you do readings / Go to my website” thing, at which point she stared at me in disbelief, then said “NONSENSE. I’m here now” and then she pulled up a chair and SAT!!! And so, I silently laughed at / swore at my Guides and proceeded to do a face-to-face card reading!

Well, didn’t THAT just unfold the most amazing adventure for me? I always knew I was accurate with my readings… I think partly due to my very clear intention of being so, along with that stubbornness that wouldn’t allow anything less. But to be getting the instant feedback from those real life humans whose faces I could see in front of me? Priceless! And then things started changing again for me. I was starting to pick up on THEIR emotions. I was picking up really detailed and specific information. I was getting validation and confirmation instantly, in various ways and it was, once again, exhilarating!

Some other scary stuff for me - and you might well laugh - but here goes: continual studying with things lined up until mid-2019 so far! This includes negative energy and entity removal... which means reaaaallllly looking at the darker, shadowy stuff which in the past, always scared the crap out of me! Becoming a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner. Putting my face in front of a camera to do videos. Recording my voice to give information. Finally standing up to REALLY speak my Truth, not just when I know it’s ‘safe’ to do so in my own environment. That includes writing things like this! All. Very. Scary. But, I’m doing them all because otherwise there is no forward movement. Without forward movement we end up back in that stagnant, stale, monotonous state. I know that every time something unpleasant or scary pops up in my path, there’s really no point in trying to go around it. I’ll never be able to outrun it, and the longer I avoid it, usually the more strength it will gain and then just come at me again with even more force! I’m a big sook really, and just don’t want that. By facing whatever it is head-on, I know that it will be over fairly soon and I’ll be the one emerging on the other side with more strength. 

Here’s the thing…. When you take notice of what comes up for you, it truly is a gift. One that you should embrace. As you skip down your magical pathway to the rainbow, your Universe will continue to offer up things that you need to deal with. If you move house, you don’t just walk out and leave everything behind. Even if you pack your belongings, you need to clean the place before you leave, right? And if you tried to skip town, you just know there’s a debt collector chasing you to hand over the cleaning bill. So every day is an opportunity to shed the old stuff that no longer serves you, but you also have to pack up the things that you want to take with you (all the good stuff of course, that helps you create something new) and you have to clean up the mess you left. There may be a few stubborn stains, but that only means you need to take a little more time to leave it sparkling.

If you have a think about your life right now, are there any marks or stains that need cleaning as you move ahead? Are there people in your life who, quite frankly, just don’t need to be there? If there’s not an equal-energy exchange between you, that can be a big clue! Are there health issues that you’ve been ignoring, instead of looking at the emotional underlying cause? (Yes, there always is one!) Are you refusing to look at money issues? Your living arrangement? Your job? Does everything around you fill you with joy and a flutter of excitement at what the future holds? No??? Well, then, start there. What is the biggest thing that you MOST DISLIKE or absolutely NOT look forward to? Your job? Your home? Learning something new? What small steps of action can you take right now to start heading to the destination you really want to be at?

Close your eyes for a minute and ask yourself, if time and money were no object, what would your life look like? Write it all down. Be really, really honest. So much of our time we actually spend PRETENDING. We put on a brave face, glue a smile on and just go about our lives getting on with what we think we have no choice doing. But we are here on this Earth, at this time, with one main objective: TO EXPERIENCE. That’s it. That’s all. Yes, we might each have a goal or purpose that we want to achieve, but the bottom line is there is no specific ‘thing’ that we are meant to be doing. We’re here to enjoy and explore a world of free will and consequences, where we can experience both the positive and the negative polarity of our Soul’s Blueprint. And here’s a little eye-opener… whatever energetic/vibrational state of being we are in when we ‘exit: stage-right’ is where we’ll start our next life. So whatever you are doing now, whatever choices you are making - or not making - is going to pre-determine the next incarnation.

I don’t know about you, but that feels like a pretty good reason to get happy and get clear on the life I am creating. The happier we are, the higher our soul vibration and the more in alignment we are to our Soul’s Blueprint in THIS life, will move us toward an even more awesome experience NEXT life. I would personally love a head start next time! Cue image of a race, with staggered starting lines. I’d like to just slide on in up near the front… thank you very much….

Which reminds me of a weird image that popped into my head the other day… I was imagining that life really is like a massive video game. Not a new concept. But then I wondered if there really was anything more to just ‘experiencing’ and next thing I was picturing a Sports Betting booth in the sky, up in the cosmos, where people and other worldly beings were placing bets… you know, looking through the Betting Guide, picking out a name that catches their eye. “I’ll place my bet on that Xina-being down there…. Yep, to win, she’ll reach enlightenment before 200 lives.”  I wonder what the odds are?

Anyway, back to the choices we make. The only way to really transform from our current vibrational state of being (eg: from a job or a house we really dislike) to another vibrational state (you know, the one we actually WANT!) is through ACTION. That’s it. No other way. This is why Positive Affirmations seem to work for some people and not for others. We can sit there and affirm all we want (and it can be a really valuable thing to do, especially as it will help to keep out some of our negative thoughts about ourselves) but without actual movement, without taking even a small step in the direction of where want to be, nothing in our reality will change.

So when you closed your eyes to imagine what your life would look like if nothing was in the way…. did you get a lot of changes or just a few? Either, way, now it’s time to think about some ways that you can get there. No point hating your job as a data entry clerk and wishing you could be a motivational speaker, if you don’t actually go and enrol in a course and start looking for small opportunities to get some practice in. You don’t need to quit your job (yet!) but you DO need to take action towards the one you really want. 

Write all this stuff down. Refer to it. Often!!!  
An example that still makes me laugh (‘cos I feel I really should have known better!) is that we lived in our previous house for 6 years. Renting. Hated the kitchen. Every year we would ask “Can we have a new kitchen?” “No” “How ‘bout now?” “No” “We’ll pay for half?” “No” Finally I had had enough and started doing things myself to make some improvements. Within a few weeks the owner says: “Oh don’t bother with that… I’ll get some quotes for a new kitchen” And I’m standing there thinking are you serious? SIX YEARS we’ve been asking! And that’s when it hit me of course! It was only when we had taken specific ACTION towards our goal that anything changed. (To make it even better, 2 weeks after that is when we decided to move house, and we now have an awesome kitchen!)

So however you want to make changes, do what works for you. Recognise your limits, feel the edges of your comfort zone and then take a little step just outside that. We are supposed to evolve and change. We are supposed to always be creating the next chapter in our adventure. We are always supposed to be choosing a new experience and consciously creating the life we want, not staying within our comfort zone all the time…. no matter how pretty we’ve made it! In change there is growth, there is expansion, there is excitement and there is an unlimited amount of potential and possibilities. And isn’t THAT the most exciting adventure to be on? I get that its going to be scary. Really, I do. But when you face your fears, push straight through, the other side will be amazing. Take note also, of the vibrational output you're buzzing with that has given you the equivalent vibration in the experience that you want to change. Don't forget to make some changes there, too, otherwise you could end up back where you were.

Now, I am totally not saying throw caution to the wind of course… be sensible! But when something is uncomfortable, don’t ignore it. It really has to become a priority to be dealt with ‘now’. And in all likelihood, when you’ve pushed through it and your comfort-zone is busy catching up, you’ll look behind you with a big grin on your face, and you may even feel… exhilarated!

If you would like to discover some of your blocks and restrictions that may be affecting you and how to clear them, you might like to read about what a Soul Realignment session is!
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