Firstly, a quick summary of just some of what you'll gain from a session with me!

- Know your Soul's Blueprint.... what REALLY makes you tick!
- Discover your Life Purpose and Soul Gifts
- Understand how your Past Lives may be affecting you today
- Identify and Clear the Negative Patterns & Programmes in your life
- Learn how to Consciously Create a more Enjoyable Life
- Obtain the Keys to knowing YOUR Inner Compass
- Find out how to Live in Alignment with your Blueprint
- Receive ongoing Support and Soul Tribe connections

What does a Soul Realignment entail exactly?

With your permission, I will access your ‘files’ in the Akashic Records, which is basically a giant Universal database that records all our actions, beliefs, patterns, lives and choices. (Many people think of the Akashic Records as a giant library in the sky, but I prefer thinking of it as something more like a database stored in the 'cloud'!) Please know, I have very specific parameters of what questions are asked, and at no time do the Records actually ‘allow’ me to go snooping! If I tried to ask questions about anything that you would not want me to know and in no way relates to your Soul Reading, not only am I ‘kicked out’ of the Akashic Records, but it creates some not-so-great karmic repercussions for me as well.

What are some benefits of an Akashic Reading and Clearing session?

In the simplest of terms, as we begin to understand who we are at Soul Level, and gain knowledge about our Divine Soul Blueprint, we can then make choices that are more aligned with who we ‘really are’ in order to allow a better energetic flow, and create the life that we truly desire.

It is when we make choices that basically go against the grain of our true nature (and we ALL do this, in every life time!) that circumstances might seem to suck. Whether we force ourselves into a career that really isn’t utilising our Divine Gifts in any way, or we spend our lives trying to ‘fit in’…to a family, group, relationship or even to a society that is incongruent to our Soul’s characteristics, these are seen as ‘negative choices’ because they go against our 'inner compass'. They cause blocks and restrictions to our ability to create what we really want. Our ability to reach our full potential is often also hampered. We’ve all heard the term - and probably even used it ourselves - ‘soul sucking’ or ‘soul-destroying’ to describe a job or life situation, right? This is one of the BIGGEST clues that we’re not in alignment with our Soul’s true nature.

We are NEVER victims, in any way.

Does that make you want to yell at me through the computer? I know that can be a really difficult concept to entertain for many people. It is, however, one that I really, really encourage you to keep prodding at and exploring. Accountability for the life we create is everything. We create our experiences through the choices we make every single day, and in every single life time. So if we’re stuck with the pattern of being a victim from several lifetimes ago, or we’re carrying around an ancient vow of poverty, or even if we’re trying so hard to fit in that we no longer recognise our heart’s true wishes - these will all lead to unconscious negative choices that bring mediocre or even really miserable results in THIS life! If you’re in a position though where you are really enjoying life and loving every aspect, how amazing would it be to influence things to be even MORE amazing by knowing how you were made as a Soul, and making choices in alignment with that? And if you're not... then there are so many amazing opportunities just waiting for you around the corner!

It’s also just really cool to understand why you are the way you are, and when you also get to know those around you at Soul Level, it goes way beyond anything such as “I’m a Capricorn, he’s a Leo, our child is… etc”. It gives you a whole different playing field, and can greatly improve relationships, help you to parent on a whole new level, and navigate family or other group dynamics by understanding what truly ‘makes everyone tick’.

So what can we do with the past patterns and choices?

What if, through your Akashic Records, we can not only identify the positive traits and characteristics about you that, when integrated, will help lead to better choices and therefore better results, but we can also REPAIR and CLEAR some of the old, negative patterns that you’ve been dragging around? What if we can uncover the underlying mission of what your Soul has chosen? And what if you can take steps toward being a powerful, conscious creator of your life instead of feeling that you don’t have much say in how it unfolds?

Having a Soul Realignment session is a very positive move towards stepping into your full POWER and POTENTIAL, shedding some old, limiting patterns and blocks that no longer serve you, and being able to navigate your life with purpose, armed with your very unique Inner Compass.

What will you find out?

You will be given information about which Soul Group you are from and what characteristics and qualities that includes, discover your Soul Gifts, how many Spirit Guides you currently have (and if there are any ‘negative’ ones, they will be removed!), what is your current Soul Vibration, what do all these things even mean, and so, SO much more. I will investigate some of the Blocks and Restrictions you are currently dealing with, look at some of the Past Lives where you created them, and together, we will clear and help shift the vibration of them to allow your current experiences to blossom.

Do you need to do anything?

Yes! You will need to do some ‘homework’ and take new action, too. Through the clearing I facilitate, you will be given a somewhat temporary space in which to consciously make different choices, and really ‘lock in’ the changes and dissolve the blocks and restrictions. You will be given a ‘Clearing Statement’ that should only take a couple of minutes to read out, which you will need to to for 21 days in a row. (If you miss a day, yes, you’ll need to start over again!) You will have access to a unique music track that has been embedded with specific, high vibrational supportive frequencies to help you not only with your 21 Day transformation, but way beyond!

The more you do, then of course, the better your results! In the workbook you will receive, you will be presented with some suggestions and ideas of how you can continue the work from a Soul Realignment session.

With firm intentions and new choices, this can really be a LIFE CHANGING experience!

What information do I need to give?
I will require the following details (which of course, will be kept totally confidential):

- Your full name at birth
- Your full name now
- Your place of birth
- Your date of birth

In doing so, you acknowledge that this signifies your permission for me to access your Akashic Record for the purpose of facilitating a Soul reading and clearing session!

This sounds awesome.... how do I get started?!

The first thing is to book your session. When I receive your booking, I will be in touch to request the above information. I'll also be asking an additional question, so you may want to start thinking about that now: "How much do you find yourself really loving your life?"

Depending on my schedule, I'm usually able to start researching for you within a day or two. It does take time! Allow another day or so for me to create your personalised workbook, which I will email you, and you'll also be given access to a private Facebook Group where you can access information videos/audios to listen to. Once you've got a good understanding of the information and you've read through your workbook, we will then arrange your one-on-one session via phone or Skype, to discuss all the amazing things about your Blueprint, Blocks and Restrictions,  some of your past life situations, and where to go from there!

I really look forward to working with you... it's time to allow yourself to truly shine!

Book your Soul Realignment Session here

(Please note, there may be circumstances where someone requests a Soul Realignment, but their Soul does NOT actually want this work done. There are various reasons for this, and whilst it is pretty uncommon, it can happen. If I request access to your Soul Records and I get given a 'NO' then I will be unable to continue, and you would of course receive a full refund.)

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