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Readings & Clearings

Oracle Card Reading

Messages from YOUR Guides and Angels! We all have times in our life when we are just hoping for a little help or guidance, to perhaps point out a direction, or lift the veil on something that we are too close to and can't see clearly.


Property Clearing

For a home (or business) anywhere in the world, whether you just want a clear, positive space to be in, or you've noticed you're never *quite* comfortable in certain areas... or you're energetically sensitive and you can actually feel the energetic residue of everyone else who has lived in that space, a Property Clearing will remove all of that and make your home feel sparkly again! Scroll down for more info....


Soul Realignment - Adult

Finding out who you really are at Soul Level is an amazing benchmark to journey from, no matter where you currently are on your adventures! (Akashic Record Reading)


Soul Realignment - Subsequent Sessions

For those who have done their initial Soul Realignment, and have been integrating that knowledge, it may feel it's time to clear another layer.


Negative Energy and Entity Clearing

From our everyday negative thoughts and beliefs, through black magic and negative entity attachments, from past or present life, we all have negative energetic 'stuff' that is affecting us.


Soul Realignment - Child

Discovering who your children are at Soul Level can give so many insights and help with parenting them the way their soul understands.


Relationship Reading

Gain valuable insight into your relationships! This doesn’t necessarily mean romantic situations… it can be so helpful to better understand the underlying aspects of the relationships we have with our children, our parents, our besties, boss or business partners etc. Imagine, for example, having a better understanding about what you are here to teach your child, or what your partner has agreed to show you in this life experience!


Frequency Music

Divine Journey

Lift your frequency by spending several minutes in a higher vibration! (Duration: 6:53)


Balance and Clarity

As the music builds, feel lost in the waves of balance and clarity (Duration: 3:10)


Hope and Light

Feel the warmth of peace and hope (Duration: 5:15 mins)


Flower of Life

A high-octave-frequency track to help lift and transform on SO many levels! (Duration: 5:40)



Out of stock

Getting to know - and clear - your Chakras

Hoping to have this in a suitable format April/May 2020


Clearing Negative / Trapped Emotions

Hoping to have this in a suitable format April/May 2020

Mini-Mantra Manifesting

Hoping to have this in a suitable format April/May 2020

Supportive Tools

Your Unique Soul Rainbow

A subconscious whisper to remind you of, & help you align to, Who You Are at Soul Level


Your Unique Soul Rainbow AUDIO

Immerse yourself in an Audio/ Visual representation of your own Soul Blueprint: a rare gift indeed!


Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching

Hoping to have Soul Coaching available between April - June 2020

Protective Devices

Orgone Protection Pendant (FREE SHIPPING in Aus)

Keep yourself protected from EMR when you’re out and about. The Orgone Ionic Personal Protection Pendant creates a harmonizing field of negative charge around your body that may support and balance the human energy fields and meridians, neutralizing the depleting positive charge energy influences from all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation.