Finding out who you really are at Soul Level is an amazing benchmark to journey from, no matter where you currently are on your adventures! (Akashic Record Reading) Scroll down for further info…


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(For the purpose of Soul Realignment, because by the age of 16 a person is usually already displaying independence, forming their own beliefs and making most of their own choices, I consider above 16 to be an 'Adult')

To do a Soul Realignment, I work in the Akashic Records, where I am able to research and gather information relating to your present life as well as your past lives. Many of the things affecting us today, can originate from past lives. This is important, because our past choices - including present as well as previous lifetimes - shape our current reality, and if we want to make changes to our current experience, we need to understand how we came to create it in the first place, as well as clear the patterns.

You will be given information about which Soul Group you are from and what characteristics and qualities that includes, discover your Soul Gifts, how many Spirit Guides you currently have (and if there are any ‘negative’ ones, they will be removed!), what is your current Soul Vibration / awareness and so, SO much more. I will investigate some of the Blocks and Restrictions (this includes various Negative Patterns and Programmes) you are currently dealing with, and together, we will clear them and help shift the vibration of them to allow your current experiences to blossom.

(See this post to understand why it's important to have clear intentions before your reading)

When we make choices that are in alignment with, rather than against the grain of, our soul’s true nature, together with utilising our divine gifts, it is natural for our lives to be transformed. Sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s a huge shift! Generally you will find things get a little easier, there is a natural flow, circumstances and situations become more pleasant, we become more abundant - and not just financially! The more you align to choices and actions that are congruent to who you are at Soul Level, the more amazing life becomes.

Of course, you will have to do some homework and take action, too. Through the clearing I facilitate, you will be given a somewhat temporary space in which to make different choices and really ‘set in’ the changes and dissolve the blocks and restrictions. 

By taking a step towards understanding your full potential, identifying some of the limiting patterns in your life, finding and clearing negative karmic patterns and making new choices that are ore aligned with your Soul’s Blueprint, you are better able to create the life you really want… not the one you think you have to settle for!

Once we have unlocked the keys to your Divine Soul Blueprint, you will be able to constantly monitor your everyday choices simply by taking note of the results YOU ARE NOW CONSCIOUSLY CREATING! 

Your Soul Realignment session will include:

- Your Soul Profile and Blueprint information
- Findings from the hours of researching your 'blocks & restrictions' that come up now
- Access to informational video and audios
- Access to a private Facebook group for further information and support
- Informational 'workbook' including some ideas on how to take your next steps
- 'Clearing' of the blocks & restrictions, along with a 21 Day process for you to action
- A one-on-one zoom / video chat session with me which is generally around 1 hour
- BONUS 1: A 1-card Oracle supportive message from your Spirit Guide Team (priceless!)
- BONUS 2: A supportive Frequency Music Track for the 21 Days and beyond! (Value $30)
- The best part.... new awareness, opportunities and pathways to TRANSFORM your life!

** If you are booking a Soul Realignment or Negative Energy Clearing, I have included an option to have your Property cleared at the same time, for only $65 more (normally $95).

I highly recommend having a
 Property Clearing done in conjunction with your Personal Clearing, as it's the best way to ensure that once your Personal Clearing is completed, (1) nothing that's been hanging around your home at the time of the clearing will be left to attach to you, and (2) having a clear personal field as well as a clear home environment is such a positive vibe! It's an ideal environment to be in whilst you are locking in your personal clearing, making changes, choosing new positive thoughts and taking new action!

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+ Property Clearing