If you've ever wondered about who your Spirit Guides are, where they are from, what they are assisting with and how to communicate with them better, this could be just what you're looking for! A beautiful resource to assist with your Soul Journey. Scroll down for further info…


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People everywhere talk about their Angels, their Guardians and their Guides, but most won't have much of an understanding of who these invisible protectors really are.

In this Spirit Guide Profile and Workbook, I have provided information about your 'Outer' Guides and their specific roles, some other types of Guides, as well as some more details about your dedicated Spirit Guide Team. You'll learn more about the 'hiring' process, what 'negative guides' are (and if you have any), and I'll even talk a little about what I call 'Soul School'.

If you happen to have any negative guides on your team, they will be cleared and replaced with current, higher level guides via the Akashic Records, to ensure that you are receiving the best and highest guidance you can, for where you are at right now on your journey.

You'll also learn more about how our Guides reach out to us, and will receive some tips and tricks about how to communicate with your Guides. More than that, you'll be given a profile of each member on your Team, along with some of their 'personality traits' and what their areas of specialisation are that they bring to you.

This will be in the form of a 'workbook' where you are able to add to the information I have provided on each Guide, using the techniques and the bonus dowsing chart within the workbook to ask your own questions. I also discuss some guidelines around what questions to ask, what not to ask, and how to ask them!

Not only are you discovering who is on your Team and what their gifts and specialised areas are, but you will receive an Oracle Card reading from each Guide, which is their personal message to you.

This is such a beautiful way to start your conversation with each Guide as you develop your relationships with them. (I've found that sometimes the message is one that shows more about what they are here to help you with overall, or at times it might be more specific to what's happening in your life right now.)

With all of the below included, this can truly be the beginning (or deepening) of some beautiful friendships. It's one thing to be told - or to think - that we have Spirit Guides around us, but to be able to really connect with each one and know some of their traits and gifts is so special.

- Over 25 pages of information (some pretty high-level stuff included that isn't commonly talked about!)
- Blank templates with extra Guide Profile, Journal, and Observation pages for extended work
- Journal and Observation pages
- A basic profile for each Guide and 
Your personal message from each Guide, utilising over 50 Oracle Card Decks

The Profile/Workbook will be emailed as a PDF, usually around 50 pages (potentially more depending on how many Guides you have on your team). The Contents page is clickable and clicking the bottom of each page will return you back to the Contents page, so this can easily be navigated using a computer or iPad etc.

NB: Because I am obtaining this information via the Akashic Records, I will require your birth details. As with all other Akashic readings, if for any reason  I am not given permission in the Records to do this reading for you, you would of course receive a full refund. (No, I haven't had this happen yet but it's always a tiny possibility!!)

I'm so excited about being able to offer these Profile and Workbooks... initially I had planned on just some fairly basic information, envisaging the whole document to be maybe 10 to 12 pages, but when it came to writing it - woah! There was so much information that just HAD to be included. My own Guides kept me up writing till 3 or 4 in the morning for several nights in a flurry of excitement and activity! I can see now why all the extra information was required - this is more than just getting to know your Spirit Guides. It's also providing you with valuable insight about your own Soul Journey.

“Your Guides will always be there for you, ever present with their unconditional love and their respectful support. They will hug you and gently whisper their words of wisdom. It will take some conscious effort and some practice to hear their whispers, but it will be worth it!”

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