Whether it’s getting clear and setting intentions for a new project, the career you want, the life you want to have, or setting your intentions for the work you do with me, having clear, strong intentions is hugely important. I’d like to give you some examples to try and illustrate just HOW important!

It's also crucial to mention that without taking action in accordance with our intentions, nothing will ever change. But for now, let's just focus on the intention side of things, because without that, there's not a lot to take action on :)

Intentions are a little bit like having a shopping wish list... we need to be pretty clear on what we want as the end result. (Most of us wouldn't set out to travel to another country for example, without at least some idea of where we want go to, what we want to see, some research on the culture and maybe even finding a map or two!)

Without being prepared though (having the list) and putting in some effort (setting a budget, gathering money) AND taking action (actually leaving the house to travel or shop) the wish list doesn’t really do much.

So imagine, briefly, you’re at your 'summer house'. It’s getting a bit cold, and the cupboards are bare. You know for this to change, you need to actually do something about it and go shopping and buy a jacket and some food for example. The more preparation and effort you put into the whole process will of course give you greater results.

Option 1: You don’t give it another thought.
You take absolutely no action, so, you have absolutely 'zero intention' of shopping ...and you end up freezing and really, really hungry. No intention and no action means no change; your results and experience stays exactly the same. Bit of a miserable experience really.

Option 2: You rush out the door without really figuring out where to go or even what to buy.
Halfway up the street is a garage sale. You decide to just settle for whatever you can find there, since it just seems easier and quicker than continuing on to find a shop somewhere. Not only that but you didn’t even bring your wallet, so you scramble to gather whatever coins are in your pocket. You’re back home in under 10 minutes with an ill-fitting, threadbare dusty coat and a tin of spam.

Option 3: You remember your wallet, and start walking, with the intention of hopefully finding some shops.
A couple of blocks away is a corner store. Great, it’s not taking up too much of your time since it’s close, and yes the stuff is expensive and lacking in range, but, whatever - it’s easy. You need to pay for a bag since you forgot to bring one, and you’re soon able to return home with a polyester top and some packets of pasta, a jar of pasta sauce and a few sad looking cucumbers and tomatoes. Guess you’ll be making a basic spag bol with salad while you do jumping jacks to stay warm!

Option 4: You research to see what options are around you.

You plan several meals and have a fairly solid shopping list. You find a department store in the High Street, several blocks away that has a sustainable clothing department as well as a food hall, both online. You find a hemp jacket that you like, which is perfect because you prefer natural fibres! You call the store to ask a few questions, then tell them you’d like to purchase the jacket over the phone. You give your size, mentioning that colour isn’t so important, as long as it fits and is comfortable. You also ask them to please pack your food order.... including some organic beans, carrots and sweet potato. Again, variety not important so long as they’re fresh and locally and organically produced. You’re not sure how long it will take to get there since you’ve never walked there before, so rather than specify a time frame, you give them a general 'by the end of the day' and give payment details over the phone so everything can be ready and waiting for you.

You leave the house with your backpack since you know this will be the easiest way to walk back with heavy food shopping. Towards the end of the street there’s some roadworks happening. Rather than get annoyed at the inconvenience, you simply cross the road and keep the same pace. As you look back over at the roadworks happening, you see a couple of houses up from the commotion are the neighbourhood gossipers standing at their fences, in full swing, complaining about the noise, the inconvenience, bitching about the ‘rudeness’ of the workers - who of course, are just doing their job. You smile because you know the gossipers will get the most benefit from the road upgrades, but also because thanks to what initially seemed to be a hiccup in your smooth travelling experience turned out to be a blessing since you don’t need to engage with the negative chatter or be delayed by doing so. You smile and wave, and breeze on by!

At the department store, your order is ready and waiting. You load it into your backpack and head back home. Along the way you see an ad on a bus that has sparked some new ideas for your next adventure, and you also happened across a white feather - you take that as a positive sign that you’re on the right path!

When you get home and unpack, the jacket ends up being your favourite colour; it’s perfect! The food is all fresh, and as you unpack the purple carrots, the butter beans and the white sweet potatoes you think how lucky you are! You trusted that the store would pick the best quality, and you ended up with exactly that, with bonus variations that you probably wouldn’t have thought of, since you didn’t need to specify exact details. You smile again... life is good! You think this must be what it feels like to be in alignment and 'in the flow'!

Please know that if you’re not getting clear on what you want from life, you can’t complain, really, about whatever you end up with.

And if you’re only half-assing your list and barely making much effort to go out and get it, you will be settling for second best.

But if you’re really focussed on the outcomes you want, and you plan and take action accordingly - your results will show up! Even if it takes a little longer than you hoped.

And so when you embark on any type of work with me, whether it be a card reading, soul reading and clearing, or clearing past life traumas and vows, you need to set strong intentions for what you want to achieve. Understand what changes in your life you want to see. You don’t need the microscopic details - just a general plan of ‘organic fruit & veg’ will help me to hold the same intention for you, and will enable me to find the best possible ‘match’ for you.

For example, if you’re not holding the intention to help clear issues relating to you feeling afraid to speak up, it’s going to be a little hit and miss for me to find the past life vows of silence, since I haven't set the navigation assist to the end destination! Instead, what I might find is the contract of servitude, which is great to clear but won’t necessarily reallllly help with your goal of being able to speak up!

If you’re struggling with formulating your intentions for any of the readings with me, let me know and we can work on that together. But hopefully this has highlighted just how important our intentions are... for everything.

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