For those who have done their initial Soul Realignment (or basic Profile), and have been integrating that knowledge, it may feel it's time to clear another layer.


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This session would still require a strong intention, but because the initial 'groundwork' has been done, we can incorporate other aspects and flexibility to give more of a 'customised' approach to what it is you would like to achieve next.

I would recommend only doing subsequent sessions after several months of taking aligned action based on your initial report.

It takes time to really integrate the clearing after your 21 Day Process, as well as getting used to choosing new thoughts and getting to know your Soul Blueprint, so this isn't something you would want to rush into too quickly! Having said that, when you feel ready to clear more layers of blocks and restrictions and discover more about who you are at Soul level, then this could be a great option.

(See this post to understand why it's important to have clear intentions before your reading)

** If you are booking a Soul Realignment session or a Negative Energy Clearing, I have included an option to have your Property cleared at the same time, for only $65 more.

I highly recommend having a 
Property Clearing done in conjunction with your Personal Clearing, as it's the best way to ensure that once your Personal Clearing is completed, (1) nothing that's been hanging around your home at the time of the clearing will be left to attach to you, and (2) having a clear personal field as well as a clear home environment is such a positive vibe! It's an ideal environment to be in whilst you are locking in your personal clearing, making changes, choosing new positive thoughts and taking new action!

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