Oracle Card Reading

Messages from YOUR Guides and Angels! We all have times in our life when we are just hoping for a little help or guidance, to perhaps point out a direction, or lift the veil on something that we are too close to and can't see clearly.

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There are many instances when a card reading can be just the nudge or confirmation that you were looking for!

Over many years (decades!) I have developed quite a collection of some of the most beautiful card decks I've seen. I am so, SO happy to be sharing these beautiful images and insights with you. (I continue to add to my collection, too!)

My earlier years saw me doing 'intuitive readings' but I no longer do this. Instead, I now connect to 'Source', then to my Spirit Guide Team, and then I connect to your own Guide Team or Higher Self. I maintain a protected, sacred space and ensure that any 'cheeky' or 'negative' energies that may want to pop in to your reading are constantly cleared and ushered away. I will always ensure that whatever is being requested is in your best and highest good. I am then totally guided by your Spirit Guide Team or Higher Self. (This is also how I facilitate Healing Sessions, Chakra Balancing etc) This ensures that the messages you receive are the ones that your Guides want you to hear, not what I choose and not what a pesky other-worldly pixie may consider funny! (Sometimes these messages may differ to what we actually want to hear, but know that your Guides and/ or Higher Self have your best interests at heart)

In almost all cases, I leave it competely up to your Guides to choose which Card Deck they want to use. They usually use a number of decks, rather than just one! Whilst many decks will often have similar 'themes' in their message, the messages themselves can be vastly different. I have seen time and time again, that you will get the exact card you are meant to receive, as a similar card in a different deck usually won't have the exact phrase or word that triggers what you need. I love that your Guides / your Higher Self really do know exactly what they want to say!

(Please note: Coupons are NOT APPLICABLE for Card Readings! Please do not use a discount coupon code for a Card Reading.... if this is done accidentally, I'll be in touch soon with some options!)

Readings are $30 and are generally 20 to 25 minutes.