We've all heard about 'good vibes', and probably heard about 'smudging' to get rid of the bad vibes - but should we be paying attention to these 'vibes'?

Firstly, I want to let you know that we ALL have negative ‘stuff’ around and attached to us. Some of it’s carried over from lifetimes, some is passed down through generations, some is created from our own thoughts, and most is picked up vibrationally. It’s normal, unfortunately. It’s the world we live in, and the way our minds and subconscious minds work. Of course, we're gradually changing!

There is a myriad of pathways for these things to find us. Please know that we are generally  not ‘victims’ when it comes to having anything negative focussed on or attached to us. We have usually, on some level, allowed them in. For example, if we are (even temporarily) in a low state: such as, we’ve not been eating well, not really sleeping, our immune system is down, we’re feeling sad so we get caught up in sad songs, we repeat sad thoughts, memories etc over and over…. this will all generally ‘encourage’ more sadness. However, it all adds up to being in a low vibrational state, and this is where is can get somewhat ‘interesting’!

I mentioned above that one of the common ways to pick up negative attachments is vibrationally. So what that means is that when there is a negative energy / entity ‘floating around’ that feeds on sadness for example, well, you might now be a vibrational match, thus it can find you easily. When we maintain a High Vibrational state, we attract high vibrational things… thoughts, people, opportunities etc to us. A Low Vibrational state will attract the same. (I am forever telling my young teenage daughter the importance of choosing our thoughts and having strong boundaries!) If we’re in a High Vibrational state, that entity that feeds on sadness knows we’re really not going to be a great food source for it. We don’t attract it because we’re not a ‘match’ - it moves on!

Another really common way of picking up some ‘stuff’: I'll use anger for this example. We all have flashes of anger from time to time. Some people are able to express that in a healthy way, others project it rather than express it. Those ‘angry thoughts’ don’t just disappear though... much like so-called bi-degradable plastic bags! So often we unconsciously project a concentration of anger at the person that has triggered us. (That could be someone who just cut us off in traffic, a partner - for any number of reasons! - or someone at work who seemingly gets more opportunities than us, or even our ‘favourite’ politician. The possibilities are truly endless.) Depending on the concentration of our anger, the severity of those feelings towards them and the repetitiveness of this happening, we are throwing various concentrations of psychic energy at them, and also ‘locking in’ those negative emotions in ourselves.

Great - so now we’ve thrown something at someone else and because (unless it’s Buddha… maybe?!) everyone has at least some frequency of anger in them, that person is likely to be somewhat of a vibrational match so they allow that in. Then the toxins of that psychic energy start to leak into their field, and if there is enough of the psychic energetic toxins, it could be enough to eventually lower their vibrational state and now they're quick to anger (for example), whereas before, they might not have been so much.

Throwing these things isn’t healthy for us, either! And of course, the more we’re doing this, the more we leave ourselves open to attract negative entities and energies that love feeding on anger. That’s a whole other cycle of course that then needs to be broken. We all know of way more emotions beyond sadness and anger that can be harmful  - some other really common ones are jealousy, as well as many centred around victim-hood and blaming, 

An important thing to consider is that when things don’t seem to be going well for us or something goes ‘wrong’ (or a whole series of events), this can often be a really GOOD thing. These SHOW us that something is out of alignment, and that we need to ‘dig in’ to start to unravel the trigger, the source, the consequences etc to be rid of it. Many times we can do this ourselves, but so often we’re just not aware of the trigger, or the point of origin - this is where I can be of assistance with a Negative Energy & Entity Clearing. (Especially if the original source is from lifetimes ago, or it’s been ‘handed down’ from your great-great-grandmother etc!) Negative energy and entities need to be currently highlighted and active in your world in order to be found, and then removed. If they are dormant and not currently affecting you, they won’t be found. So again, when things aren’t seemingly going right, be thankful. Then start doing some inner ‘Shadow Work’ :)

By the same token, even if many negative energy forms are currently active, not everything can or will be found in one go. It’s a slow process, peeling back layers as and when we are ready for them. We would probably go into a total meltdown if too much was removed at once. Many of these ‘things’ have become part of our every day lives… imagine, just for a moment, if you were told that all your skin had to be surgically  removed - gross, I know! But there is no way that it could be done all at once. It would be a slow process of removing a little tiny bit, allowing new growth to occur and settle in, then move on to the next phase. (Thank goodness this clearing isn’t actually like removing skin. Ewww!)

Now, keep in mind that the kind of things I’m about to mention are NOT always (just) because of negative energies and entities feeding / being attached, however, here is just a small handful of what has been founding relation to some of these attachments:

Health problems (this itself becomes an exhaustive list), creating drama or feeling that you’re always entangled in drama, constant mind-chatter, feeling drained at the end of the day, aggressive behaviour, disconnection from people, feeling as though there is a dark cloud over you, truth being twisted, depression, mystery illness, chronic illness, constant fatigue, anger issues, stuck in controlling relationships, change in behaviour noticed by others, disturbed sleep patterns, struggling to find true purpose, hearing voices, weird stuff happening, seems like everything is against you, hard to move forward, finding it difficult to find joy or see positive side of things etc.

Once someone has had a Negative Energy and Entity clearing done, they will be given a 21 Day Process to do.  This helps to ‘lock in’ and settle your ‘updated’ energy field. Beyond that, my suggestion is to commit to really start noticing your thoughts and patterns (especially self-talk), as well as really start to observe your surroundings, what you consume - including what you eat, drink, watch, etc. Make every effort to consciously choose your thoughts and ‘delete’ any negative ones that you find yourself entertaining! All these things affect us in so many ways. Alcohol and drugs are unfortunately an easy way to lower our vibrational state, too. If you can, choose filtered, structured water. If there’s options for organic or pesticide-free nuts, fruit and vegetables, choose those. Or, if not feasible, be sure to thoroughly wash fruit & veg etc and ‘project’ love and gratitude towards your food and water - even if it’s just for the 21 days. Be aware of how you react to things - look for patterns and triggers. Those triggers are a golden gift. Really! And of course, think about withdrawing from global and social media, even for a while. If you think you’ll need a ‘replacement’ consider a trial subscription to Gaia TV, or reacquaint yourself with the local library, maybe do some volunteer work, find a new hobby. Explore ways that you can cleanse and balance your chakras too if that resonates. There’s plenty of options; honestly! 

Remember: whatever we focus on is magnified, so make every effort to focus on whatever is positive, joyful, healthy etc and set your boundaries so that you don’t get tangled up, or contribute to, drama or negativity of any kind.  When we focus on all the things that aren’t ‘going right’ or we’re repeatedly telling ourselves or others all about all the so-called horrible things happening in our lives or in the world, we are really just cementing them in for ourselves and creating more of it. Break that cycle now!

Essentially, give your self at least 3 weeks to consciously raise your vibration in every way you can. Focus on being kind to yourself, and do lots of things that make you happy. Then, re-visit everything you’ve avoided throughout the 21 days (facebook, watching the news, office drama, junk food etc) and really weigh up to see if they’re beneficial in any way to bring back in to your life!

Above all, please know that you are far more powerful than you realise, and you can absolutely make massive changes in your life.

If you’re not loving your life right now, know that you CAN - it just takes a little effort, some acknowledgment that you’re not a victim, and the absolute heartfelt desire and intention to live a ‘better life’. Of course, you also need to make space to allow the good stuff in! I know you can do this. Change your perception of things and you really can change your life in such a huge way.

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