Property Clearing

For a home (or business) anywhere in the world, whether you just want a clear, positive space to be in, or you've noticed you're never *quite* comfortable in certain areas... or you're energetically sensitive and you can actually feel the energetic residue of everyone else who has lived in that space, a Property Clearing will remove all of that and make your home feel sparkly again! Scroll down for more info....

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We all want a nurturing environment, and our homes are definitely a place that we would want to be clear of any negative energy! Or if you're trying to sell or rent out a home - especially if having trouble doing so - an energetic Property Clearing is a great resource to help ensure a bright, positive vibe to entice new owners . (Also highly recommended after a Soul Realignment session!)

I will locate the property through the Akashic Records, and identify any negative influences that may be affecting it, such as negative portals, ghosts, earthbound spirits, and other negative types of imprints and energies. 

The next step of course is to clear all non-beneficial energy in and around the property, bringing it back to neutrality, then calling in positive energies to replace what was taken out.

You will also be given a brief report outlining what was found and cleared. 

You can always do some basic ‘maintenance’ afterwards to keep the property as clear as possible going forward, such as smudging, using crystals, and wearing an Orgone Protective Pendant!

An added bonus is that with every Property Clearing done, another little piece of our Mother Earth is cleaned up and energised!

We subconsciously choose our home to be a vibrational match to our own current vibration. So if you've been making a lot of positive changes in your life, and/or you've had your Soul Realignment clearing done, it's highly likely you are now a higher vibration than your surroundings! What does this mean? That you may no longer be quite as comfortable or at ease in your home. This is a GOOD thing, but you may find you'll need to take steps to bring the frequency of your home UP to your new frequency. It's different for everyone, so just notice the little things and how the energy feels, and go from there! x

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