Negative Energy and Entity Clearing

From our everyday negative thoughts and beliefs, through black magic and negative entity attachments, from past or present life, we all have negative energetic 'stuff' that is affecting us.

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For a little more information on negative energy and entities, click HERE to read further.

Accessing your Akashic Records, I look for over 100 types of negative energies and entities, including but certainly not limited to: energetic viruses and parasites, various forms of psychic attack energy, various negative programmes, toxic emotional energy, hooks, cords, bindings, karmic glitches and various levels of entities and attachments. 

Clearing these through the Akashic Records is, I believe, the safest and surest method, and assists to ensure those specific entities cannot return.

We can have a brief discussion to discuss some of what was found, and then you will be given your 'homework' - a 21 Day process for you to 'lock in' your clearing and assist with moving forward  in your new vibrational state. 

** If you are booking a Soul Realignment or Negative Energy Clearing, I have included an option to have your Property cleared at the same time, for only $65 more.

I highly recommend having a 
Property Clearing done in conjunction with your Personal Clearing, as it's the best way to ensure that once your Personal Clearing is completed, (1) nothing that's been hanging around your home at the time of the clearing will be left to attach to you, and (2) having a clear personal field as well as a clear home environment is such a positive vibe! It's an ideal environment to be in whilst you are locking in your personal clearing, making changes, choosing new positive thoughts and taking new action!