Primarily utilising the many pathways and protocols from the amazing Forensic Healing system, we will uncover the energetic roots of the imbalances, patterns, belief systems and more, that could be contributing to the issues you are currently facing.


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"It was like 2 years of therapy in two hours! ...nobody can argue with the end results"     "Life changing!"

"Forensic Healing is an award-winning, natural therapy system that was designed to release pain, stress and long term conditions… fast

Your current state of health and happiness is the direct result of your past experiences and past lives, stored in your cells, DNA, and energy fields. Just as you are what you eat, you are what you experience in life. The build-up of major stress, trauma or abuse will cause dysfunctions. Your body responds to energy imbalances through pain, stress, anxiety, grief, tiredness, fear, hurt, low self-worth, relationship problems. 

Forensic means the application of logic and reason. It is an investigation to establish facts and evidence around a certain condition. Healing means to make sound or whole, to restore to health or to original purity or integrity.

Forensic Healing then is “the investigation and establishment of facts and evidence about a person’s condition with a new holistic healing system to restore purity, integrity, health and wholeness”.

The Forensic Healing System helps to identify the most impactful / stressful times that caused a block in the energy field." (See the brochure below for more information about Forensic Healing)

By finding our limiting or negative patterns and blocks, we can start to break down and remove the obstacles that may be in the way of living our best life. Whilst most of the Akashic Record readings I do specifically go to past lives to identify the blocks and restrictions, Forensic Healing deals mostly with present life patterns and blocks. It's a much more collaborative process, as we work together 'live' via Zoom video chat, from anywhere in the world!

What do I need to do before a session?
You need to have an intention on what you would like to address, and you'll need to complete a simple questionnaire and send it through ahead of time. Because I simultaneously work in the Akashic Records, I ask for your birth details as well so that if any past life issues show up they can be addressed quickly.

Be well hydrated, and be willing to explore what comes up. (For optimum results, being open to new ideas is helpful, as when we try to place 'blame' then we're not able to create shifts and changes!) Have extra water nearby, be comfortable and ideally, in a time and place where you won't be disturbed for roughly 90 minutes. Tissues may occasionally be required when deep emotions are unlocked!

What happens in a session?
We will work through the stages as shown in the below flow chart. I may also incorporate my Healy frequency device to help unlock clues and / or send balancing frequencies as required throughout the session. But mostly, we'll chat... I'll quickly identify some key words and descriptions, and together we'll explore in a gentle and safe way, where those words take us! Once we have uncovered the past patterns or instances, together we'll apply the most appropriate 'healing pathways'. This is the super easy part! I'll give some clearing statements, in many instances I'll ask you to repeat some of those statements... and I'll more than likely ask you to take some deep breaths and you release those patterns and balance the old energy.

* Just to be clear, I do not diagnose, treat or cure. Please ensure you consult your qualified healthcare practitioner for medical guidance and advice.

What have others said about sessions with me?
Generally one of the first things noticed is that the issues have either been significantly reduced, or eradicated entirely! Almost everyone reports feeling much lighter, empowered, more hopeful at the end of a session, too.

Xina was fabulous, explained everything clearly and made me feel safe. I have no clue how she does everything but she is spot on with her comments and observations. I had a renewed sense of motivation and self reflection - a huge thank you! Life changing! (SS, Sweden)

I noticed things shifting around in the days after my healing session, feeling more energetic. I liked the depth that it follows, the amazing and freeing information that is uncovered, and the energy sensations and shifts that occurred during the sessions. (LH, NSW)

It was like 2 years of therapy in two hours! Xina is great to connect with, super easy to talk to and made the whole experience really comfortable. The tingles as things resonate or blockages start clearing is a fun bonus! And nobody can argue with the end results. More people should know about this! (JK, QLD)

It’s a very thorough and deep process and as a client you get to decide what you want to work on. I found the whole process captivating and interesting as its so different from other healing modalities. Loved it! Xina’s warmth and care shine through. (JM, NSW)

I most liked experiencing physical, emotional and spiritual shifts. Xina’s energy is comforting and professional. I was able to relax and explore, as I felt safe in her presence. (RL, NSW)

After the session I felt more in control. I felt safe to say things that had been buried without judgement. (CB, NSW)

I felt relaxed and comfortable, and was able to move a little easier. The issue was totally gone the next day. Plus, I felt more at ease with my decisions that had shaped my past. Loved that this could be done remotely! (CM, NSW)

By the end of the session I felt calm, focused, and had significantly reduced issues. Xina stepped me through the process at a good pace and I felt she made sure I had time to ask questions when needed, but also time to sit quietly and absorb what she had told me. (AT, S.A)

I felt a lot more peace, calm, and clarity with life direction and health/life goals. I liked learning where current issues originated from. (KL, QLD)

I felt a sense of closure and relief. Also quite a few ‘wow’ moments as things clicked into place and realisations were made. I liked Xina’s accuracy on finding things! (JB, Japan)

Initially, I was anxious and tired. After the session, I felt calmer, assured and at peace. (RC, NSW)

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