A subconscious whisper to remind you of, & help you align to, Who You Are at Soul Level


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A visual representation of parts of your Soul Blueprint. For you, or as an amazing and unique gift idea!

Everything is Energy. Everything has it’s own Frequency. Along with your Unique Soul Rainbow, I will also provide three colour representations of your Soul’s overall Divine Soul Signature Frequencies.

These would be great colours for you to incorporate into different areas of your life to help shift your everyday vibration to be in greater alignment with who you came here to be. (You will also receive the HEX colour codes in order to use these colours digitally. The possibilities of what you can create in your signature colours are endless!)

Your ‘UNIQUE SOUL RAINBOW’ is made up of eight Energy Centres.

Everyone's Soul is made up of different types of energies, and our unique ‘recipe’ means that we are more abundant in one (sometimes two) particular types of ‘creative vital force energy’ (Energy Centres) along with other factors.

Our main Energy Centre is the biggest clue to our ‘Divine Gifts’ as well as showing us what we should be expressing and utilising the most in our lives. This usually represents up to half of our Soul’s Blueprint…. That’s how important it is!

This ‘Unique Soul Rainbow’ representation is entirely my own interpretation, adapted from how I read the Akashic Records, in order to provide a visual example of Who You Really Are at Soul Level. It can be used not only as a conscious reminder, but as a subconscious reminder to help us shift our vibration and take action to be more in alignment with our Soul Blueprint. It also helps us to understand who we are on a deeper level.

You will receive a 5 Page A4 sized PDF report which includes:

- A 1 page reference chart briefly describing each of the 8 Energy Centres
- Your 'Unique Soul Rainbow' silhouette image
- A colourful Waveform of your Full Name
- A brief description page (especially useful when this is being given as a gift!)
- Your top 3 'Soul Signature' frequencies, shown as colours (in the visible spectrum)
- Extra colour options / palettes
- Your 'Soul Signature' colours as an additional silhouette image
- A Waveform of your Full Name, this time using your Signature colours

What I will need:

- Your full name at birth
- Your full name currently
- Your date of birth
- Your place of birth
- Your preferred silhouette shape

I will then access the Akashic Records to request the information on your specific Energy Centres and your 'unique formula'. The only other thing I will be asking about in the Records is your top 3 'Signature Soul Frequencies' chosen for this lifetime.

Because I will not be seeking ANY other information (such as your Soul Group, Karmic Patterns etc as per a Soul Realignment) I have been told in the Records that it is not necessary for me to have the knowledge and consent of the individual. So yes, this can be an amazing surprise gift for someone! HOWEVER, just as with a Soul Realignment, I will still ask for the Soul's permission in the Records. Even if you / someone else agrees to this reading, your Soul always reserves the right to say "No". (In the event of this happening, I will contact you to let you know, and of course provide an immediate refund. Being told 'no' has never happened so far, but it's good to keep in mind!)

DISCLAIMER: In no way do I make any claims or guarantees of 100% accuracy, nor is this information provided as any form of advice or counselling in any way. 

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