This will give you super important information towards understanding who you are at Soul Level, as well as providing a basic clearing. This can be especially useful for anyone feeling 'stuck' or wanting to understand more about themselves, as it gives you an understanding of how you were made 'at Soul level' and what aspects to utilise the MOST in life. Having a basic Akashic Record clearing will also 'free up' some of the energy that may be draining you and making it seem difficult to move forward. Scroll down for further info....


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A Soul Profile and basic Clearing (a bit of a 'mini' Soul Realignment session) will give you a really strong foundation to understanding who you are at Soul Level, as well as some strong directions for you to follow to live a happier, fulfilled life without so much 'struggle'.

You will be given information about which Soul Group you are from and what characteristics and qualities these include.  You'll discover your Soul Gifts, how many Spirit Guides you currently have (and if there are any ‘negative’ ones, they will be removed!), what is your current Soul Vibration / conscious awareness and much more. Finding out about your Energy Centre(s) is possibly one of the most valuable aspects of this reading, since it's what gives you the foundation, or compass, of how to navigate your life to make the most of things instead of squeezing a round peg into a square hole so to speak. 

Please note, that unlike a Soul Realignment, I will NOT be looking for any of the more complex Blocks and Restrictions (this includes various Negative Patterns, Karma, Programmes, and other negative / limiting / damaging issues) or Past Lives.

When we make choices that are in alignment with, rather than against the grain of, our soul’s true nature (especially our Energy Centre) , together with utilising our divine gifts, it is natural for our lives to be transformed. Sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s a huge shift! Generally you will find things get a little easier, there is a natural flow, circumstances and situations become more pleasant, we become more abundant - and not just financially! The more you align to choices and actions that are congruent to who you are at Soul Level, the more amazing life becomes.

Of course, you will have to do some homework and take action, too. Through the clearing I facilitate, you will be given a somewhat temporary space in which to make different choices and really ‘set in’ the changes and dissolve the blocks and restrictions. 

Your session will include:

- Your Soul Profile, which is a bit like your 'Life Compass'!
- Access to informational video and audios (currently through private Facebook group)
- Access to a private Facebook group for further information and support
- Informational 'workbook' including some ideas on how to take your next steps
- 'Clearing' of any Negative Guides
- 'Clearing' of other things such as Negative Portals/ Astral Travel
- Restoration of some of the outer damage to the Auric Fields
- You will receive a 21 Day process for you to activate your clearing
- A brief one-on-one session to discuss your profile (phone, Skype etc) approx. 20 - 30 mins
- BONUS 1: A 1-card Oracle supportive message from your Spirit Guide Team when your have
completed your 21 day process
- BONUS 2: A supportive Frequency Music Track for the 21 Days and beyond! (Value $30)
(accessible via private Facebook group only)
- The best part.... new awareness, opportunities and pathways to TRANSFORM your life!

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