OK, so bottom line: everyone! However.... I am well aware that not everyone is called to look inwards and learn more about themselves at this level. (I believe more and more people are starting their 'search' though, and this will continue to grow in the coming years)

With that in mind, and remembering that the Life Map reading holds transformative potential for everyone, following is who I see as being able to gain the most from this profound experience:

- Those who are already doing some 'inner work'
- People wanting clarity, or who are wanting to make sense of what their life is and has been
- Individuals sensing a greater purpose, who feel there is 'something more' to life than what they see now
- Those seeking direction and guidance towards a more authentic and fulfilling life
- Anyone who is willing to really step into their greatest potential and embrace their gifts and talents
- Those wanting to explore Shadow Work, but don't know what their Shadows are or are uncertain where to begin
- Parents! Students! Especially for High School or Uni students who are faced with making choices about what direction they wish to go in terms of career. (Understanding your potentials at this age, for both immediate years and later years, can be invaluable. For parents, it can help to guide our kids according to who they really are)
- Anyone navigating pivotal life transitions, or unsure about their trajectory
- Mid to late 30's people experiencing shifts in values and priorities
- Anyone who may be feeling disconnected, blocked, isolated, unsure about their career, relationships, current life choices
- Individuals willing to be accountable for the results they are creating; the 'good' stuff, and the 'not-so-good' stuff!
- Anyone wanting to be an even better version of themselves and be in alignment on their ascension journey, no matter where they are in life

Using the name that is on your Birth Certificate (as well as other names in separate calculations), numerical values are assigned to individual letters as well as to certain combinations of letters.

Those numerical values are then placed in specific sequences. Groups of numbers are then added together, and in some cases, reduced down to a smaller number. Depending on the group of numbers that have been added from the number sequences, this gives us particular Codes for different aspects (such as Talents, Challenges etc).

The Codes not only 'interact' with each other, but they will also interact with any other names you are known by throughout your life.

This system is based on an ancient form of Gematria and the 22 Letters of the Hebrew alphabet. I have also brought in meanings and aspects of the ancient Phoenician alphabet, too.

After working with these Codes for several years, I am still astounded at just how deep and complex this system is, how incredibly accurate it is, and just how much our names reveal and form the framework of our life - whilst still allowing freedom to choose how we wish to create our life!

Wikipedia: "Gematria is the practice of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase by reading it as a number, or sometimes by using an alphanumerical cipher. The letters of the alphabets involved have standard numerical values, but a word can yield several values if a cipher is used"
Our Birth Name can be considered our overall Mission and Structure in life. It will not change. We can, however, update or enhance our name vibration and give it new energy and direction to an extent (and
therefore, to our life experience also), through modifying or changing our name. This will never replace or alter our original Map or Mission, but it will definitely give some extra splashes of colour and flavour.

Something like shortening our first name, or dropping our middle name in day-to-day life is a very common thing to do, and because that ‘new’ name is repeatedly written and spoken, it gives an additional layer
(which is called an Overlay Name in your report - if applicable).

Sometimes we change our name after marriage, or we might even choose a whole new identity and name for various reasons. Again, even with an entirely new name, we will never alter or replace our original soul plan. The longer we use an overlay name however, the more depth it will take on and will influence our original plan.

Pet-names / nick-names don’t generally count as an overlay name however. Probably the easiest scenario to envisage is how you usually write your name on ‘semi-official’ paperwork or how you introduce yourself when you include your surname. What name do you use on your social media profiles, general form-filling, email accounts and signatures, parcel deliveries etc. (The more ‘official’ paperwork such as passport, mortgage, tax info etc will generally be your full birth name.)

In some cases, our overlay name(s) could actually clash with our birth name codes, and make some things even more challenging! (This could also be viewed as a ‘fast-track’ though so definitely not to be interpreted as a negative thing!) Other times the new codes may add a level of harmony or added activation to our talents. As a general guide, Overlay Names will add depth as to how our Mission might play out.


Let's say we have someone who was named Elizabeth Jane Doe. This is her Birth Name, and will be the basis of her Life Map.

Throughout her school years, Elizabeth dropped her middle name on almost everything she ever wrote her name on, so her Overlay Name (1) is Elizabeth Doe.

Her family and a few friends called her Lizzie, but she never referred to herself this way, and never wrote 'Lizzie Doe' on anything. This means that Lizzie is just a nickname, and is not considered an Overlay Name.

At the end of Elizabeth's schooling, she decided to drop the name Elizabeth altogether, and legally changed her name to Jane Doe. This now becomes Ovelay Name (2).

When Jane (Elizabeth) is in her early 40's, she gets married, and decides to use her partner's surname as her own. As the surname is Blane, she decides to drop Jane and bring back her original birth name of Elizabeth. So Overlay Name (3) is now Elizabeth Blane.

Throughout each name change, Elizabeth's Birth Name is the driving force. Each Overlay Name however, brings in additional codes which influence her Life Map for the duration of time each name is used.

Now, you may not feel it necessary to find out the Overlay Name Codes
for a name you used in high school, or even many years ago. Generally, I would suggest if you have a name currently that is different to your Birth Name - including a dropped middle name - THIS is the name to include.

Of course, if you have any Overlay names, you can choose to find out what Codes they bring in for you, through the options available such as through the Advanced or Deluxe package, or via an Add On.

The 'Soul Blueprint Life Map Sacred Code Clearing and Upgrade' (ie: 'Code Clearing / Activation and Upgrade'!) is to help minimise any shadow traits playing out for you, and to call in more of the positive traits available.

It calls for a clearing, re-programming, activation and upgrade of your Life Map Coding, as well as requesting a balancing of all Polarity Themes.

It calls in for you guidance and blessings, as well as requesting for the dissolving of lower vibrations, illusions, negative karma, and limiting patterns relating to your Codes.

The clearing and attunement is placed into your Akashic Records, as well as being requested throughout your 12 Chakras, your DNA, and your Energy Field.

(I also utilise a number of other energy tools as part of the Clearing and Upgrade. These include the use of Tachyon Stones, Crystals and Gemstones, Sacred Geometry, Healing Grids, and my Healy Frequency Device to bring in additional helpful frequencies, and then send these out into your Field)

Once I have completed the Clearing and Upgrade process, you will be given a much shorter and condensed version, which I refer to as 'homework'. This will be 2 pages of text to be read by you each day for 22 consecutive days, since it is important that you activate and 'lock in' the process that I have completed and requested for you.

In addition, you will also receive an image to help you visualise the 12 Chakras, should you wish to incorporate these into your 22 days of homework and beyond!