Armed with your specific goals and intentions, I go into your Akashic Records to locate and clear the things that are affecting your life experience right now. I look for over 250 types of Vows, Oaths and Agreements, AS WELL as well over 250 types of Tortures, Traumas and Fears.


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Once you have a fairly clear goal, or intention, on what you would like to clear / move forward with, I’ll go into your Akashic Records and start my research as I look for around 500 pain-in-the-butt types of things that may have been holding you back - potentially for many lifetimes!

(See this post to understand more about the importance of clear intentions)

I start by looking for over 250 Vows, Oaths and Agreements. This includes things like Disconnection from your Intuition or Renouncing your Gifts - often caused through forced ‘confessions’ through Witch Trials or being tortured… or worse. I look for Vows of cloistering, where you may have made religious-based vows to stay secluded from the outside world, so today you might feel somewhat alone or disconnected.

Soooo many self-sabotage types of contracts and declarations, even something seemingly ‘worthy’ like promising your family in a past life to carry on the family business - even though you hated it - could mean you’re now sticking with something you dislike because it seems honourable. Vows to suppress your emotions and desires, could be from being in an arranged marriage, and an agreement for illness could have originated from asking for “God to strike you down" with an illness as punishment, or you may have asked God for an illness to ‘spare a loved one’ from that disease. Vows to protect - think Knights or Royal Guardians ....just as a starting point!

There’s plenty of authoritarian types of agreements, curses galore, and love-related pacts and promises, but the biggest of all is under the self-sabotage category - currently 60 of those! For example, past life gigs could be pretty rough, and often we would have sworn, declared, and agreed in various ways to things that are still affecting us to this day, such as debts, to never forgive, to give up free will, to strive for perfection, to go un-noticed, to not ask for help…. just loads of crazy stuff that we really need to stop carrying around!

Then I look for over 250 types of Torture, Trauma and Fears. This was definitely eye-opening! There was an abundance of callous inventiveness to exact revenge, truth or just punishment in the past. So I start at the top of the list I've compiled; for example, looking for situations of abandonment, and moving through things like being burned, crushed, thrown off bridges, towers or ships, plagues and pandemics, (interesting for right now!), disfigurement, being hunted, being sacrificed, any involvement with massacres, being poisoned, strangled, having your tongue cut out or teeth tortuously extracted, trauma relating to safety… the list goes on, and on!

When I’ve found everything that's ready to be found in relation to your initial intention, and that your soul is ready to release, I remove and clear it in the Akashic Records. Anyone that has done Soul Realignments or Negative Energy removal with me knows that what usually happens next is that you would have a couple of pages of clearing statements that you need to read every day for 21 days in a row. What I’ve done in this particular clearing though, is rather than giving you statements to print out and read, I’ve recorded the statements for you to repeat. 

Included in this video (23 minutes) is a bunch of stuff to give even further assistance. Firstly, a layered track of me doing 'my end' of the clearing statements (so even though they’re different to what you say and you won’t hear it, it’s still embedded into the clearing). There's also frequencies of things like the opalescence ray and rainbow ray, to assist with transformation and integration.

Then, also embedded, is my Pendulum Clearing, where I’m making additional requests to remove all the damaging, negative stuff and then bringing in some positive, valuable thoughts and patterns. The last part of the whole thing is affirmations, which you can of course listen to as often as you want!

I have priced this quite low, despite it being an intensive and time consuming reading for me to do because I am so passionate about 'now is the time' to really clear the hidden stuff that is holding us back. This is not going to be a 'one hit wonder'! It would be impossible for me to clear every single thing for anyone. Instead, you would start with the most pressing situations to create your intention, and allow time to integrate the clearing.

Down the track, it might be time to create another intention depending on what's happening in your life then, and have those issues cleared through another reading and clearing. The more you become aware of your inner world, and the more you become accountable for what you create, the easier it will be to dissolve the past life anchors each time!

Below are some snippets of the clearing video so you can get a vibe from it :)

If you are unsure of how to set a clear intention for this clearing, let me know and we can work on it together.

Some ideas to get you thinking about what is most affecting you at the moment:

- Being afraid to speak up, or be seen
- Repeating negative patterns in relationships
- Fears or phobias that you're aware of but feel unable to move past
- Feeling your intuition or guidance is 'blocked'
- Always seeming to sacrifice your own needs for others
- Repeated patterns of self-sabotage
- Feeling you always need to 'save' people
- A pattern of feeling disconnected or alone
- Difficulty in saying no, feeling heavily obligated
- Feeling 'cursed' in some way (especially if it seems to run in the family!)

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