Relationship Reading

Gain valuable insight into your relationships! This doesn’t necessarily mean romantic situations… it can be so helpful to better understand the underlying aspects of the relationships we have with our children, our parents, our besties, boss or business partners etc. Imagine, for example, having a better understanding about what you are here to teach your child, or what your partner has agreed to show you in this life experience!

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*Please note the two pricing options, and the difference between them at the bottom of this info!

All relationships help us on our path of personal growth in one way or another: they really help us to understand more about ourselves. As in our personal Soul Blueprint, it is also possible to find out what blocks and restrictions are held within a relationship between two people.

A Relationship Reading helps us to see the other person at Soul level, discover any negative unjustified karma that may exist between us, and what karmic patterns may still be playing out.

By getting to know the other person as they truly are, we can sometimes see ‘why’ they behave a certain way. This helps us to better support them in a way that really has value for them, we gain a clearer perspective on the dynamics between us and hopefully, they will do the same for us in return!

For example, certain Soul Groups just don’t have it ‘in them’ to be super affectionate and ‘romantic’. Instead, they might be a very practical person who actually shows their love through building you a house, or fixing things around the home they’ve noticed are broken. This can be very hard for partner who, at Soul Level, is ALL ABOUT the hugs and affection, and in making decisions together. Once you understand though, that this is just part of the way they were designed, you'll be able to view things from a different perspective.

When we have this insight, we can take a step back to work WITH the dynamics within the relationship, instead of struggling or wishing the other person would just CHANGE! We all ‘operate’ differently, and what seems 'normal' or 'common sense' to one person, just doesn’t fit the same way for others. There’s no right or wrong - we’re all different. We really need to allow the people around us to express themselves as they truly are, but often, we don't actually know what that looks like!

Often, there will be a past life history to many of our relationships. (But not always!) If there is, I will find out how many lifetimes the two of you have shared together, as well as finding out a little more about what the relationship was in the past lives. Some of the blocks and restrictions that may be carried over from past lives could be negative karma, soul contracts (including soul mate contracts), karmic imprints and SO much more.

I'll look for a current ‘theme’ or ‘lesson’ to the current relationship as well as what general blocks are occurring for and between both people, which can be especially helpful when some of these things are actually affecting all our relationships, not just the other person in this reading.

* When booking a Relationship Reading for TWO, please keep in mind that I will require current name, name at birth, date and place of birth for both people. If the reading is for your live-in partner or children (under 18) I can do a reading for both people without the other's express permission... as long as their Soul gives me access in the Akashic Records of course! However, I much prefer to have both people give full consent up front.

If the relationship is different to the above situation, then either I will need permission directly from the other person, or I will ‘read’ the relationship from your perspective only, which is still hugely valuable of course! For this reason, there are two pricing options. This would be the 'standard' reading.