Akashic Record Readings + Clearings

Akashic Record Readings + Clearings
  • Soul Realignment 
  • Property Clearing
  • Spirit Guide Profiles
  • Vows, Torture & Trauma Clearing
  • Guided Oracle Card Readings
  • Negative Energy & Entity Removal

    To do the above readings, I access the Akashic Records, and then get to work with the help of my own Akashic and Spirit Guide Teams, as well as yours! Armed with very specific questions, I then begin the process of researching your Soul Record (as long as your Soul has also given me permission of course) to find out who you are at Soul Level, and what are some of the blocks and restrictions that may be keeping you from living your BEST LIFE.

    Whether you've been feeling that certain areas of your life are a bit of a 'struggle' or you just *know* on some level that things could always be better, you'll be given your personal 'keys and codes' to understand what your life experience can look like, and how to navigate to that reality!

    If I'm doing a Property Clearing, it's a similar process, but different questions. Any negative or lower-vibrational energy or entities will be cleared, and you'll have a much higher-vibrational space to live or work.

    When in the Records, I stay 'tuned in' to be sure I'm always getting accurate information. To delve in and get your past life information as well as the 'general' profile and blocks, along with putting the information together AND presenting it you can take me a few days all up... but I truly love doing this work as it can be LIFE CHANGING!

    I will point out though, that YOU will need to do some work too, in order to get the most out of this, and if you truly want to make permanent changes! If you're willing to put in some effort and make new choices, I would love to work with you.

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